700 Horsepower Skyline GTR


100mm wide intercooler,hks tilton twin plate clutch,a modified 400r front bumper and spoiler,275x35 tyres on 17x10 sparco racing wheels,profec B boost controller,nismo stut braces,option 2 racing wing mirrors that just make the car,link commputer and controler,3 1/2 inch exhaust with HKS super dragger muffler,mines turbo dump pipes into stainless 3 1/2 inch down pipe,ultermate brake pads all round,300 kph speedo,phat as alloy tank radiator,alpine 3 disc head unit 5 channel alpine power amp and a 1000 watt cerwin vega sub out back,under the bonnet we have HKS 280 deg camshafts for inlet and exhaust and level 3 head porting modifications to suit,HKS adjustable cam gears (very colorful),HKS forged pistons,pro series cambelt,polished inlet manifold and turbo manifold,turbos have been changed for a couple of HKS 2540s it's a pity they are so hard to see under there,red powdercoated tappet covers,coil cover and cam pulley cover,K&N air filters to apexi housings,and a hks oil cooler, g-reedy intercooler hard piping kit.680cc injectors and tuned by Rob Bryan @ War Motorsport,running 22 PSI boost,last dyno run got 407 kw at the wheels on 18/1/02.